We are a fast paced and dynamic team of 9.  We are committed to growing our business by hiring talented, honest and professional people with an established and successful career in recruitment.  

As a small, niche business, we have a unique culture defined by the following principles:


Even though most of us have been in recruitment for a ridiculous amount of years, we still approach each role with an urgency and fervour which may surprise you! Each of us has chosen to specialise in the NHS as we love the sector and we are passionate about helping our clients and about winning repeat business.


It’s in our name and it’s in our nature – every single consultant here has worked for at least 3 other recruitment companies – some more professional than others….. This experience has shaped how WE want to work and ensures we apply consistently high standards.  Relationships with our clients and candidates are open and honest and based on respect.  We are fiercely protective of our professional reputation and this comes across in how hard we work and in the integrity which drives our business.


I wouldn’t work here if it wasn’t fun.  We ARE under pressure and face considerable challenges in recruiting into the NHS, however our team is a group of individuals who genuinely get on, who help each other out and who make each other laugh.    Work nights out, lunches, sports and healthy banter make sure that we enjoy each other’s company and look forward to coming into work.


One of the main reasons I joined IP was to have more autonomy, responsibility and control over my career. We are mature in how we manage our business, each of us accountable for our own success and defining the direction we travel in.  There is a culture of individual responsibility alongside the feeling of being in it together. We work flexibly to allow for real life issues – gym sessions, working from home, school parent’s consultations and ridiculously long cycle rides. Some things are more important than work – not many things, but some things.


As a small owner-run business, we are flexible in the way we grow.  If you currently work for a staid and static business or an organisation in decline, we could present a fresh and enticing challenge. 

We are here for the long haul and want to hear from self-motivated, unique, talented, ambitious and hardworking consultants.  If you like the sound of our company and culture, get in touch to discuss further – Nicola 07860737740 or Giles 07791547802.